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Broken Orchestra Remix Contest

Found Sound Nation, in collaboration with Symphony for a Broken Orchestra, has meticulously recorded the sounds of over 800 of broken instruments in an effort to inspire the public to ‘adopt’ these instruments and raise funds to repair and return them to public schools throughout Philadelphia. For these recording sessions, we invited great musicians from around Philadelphia to improvise on damaged horns, flattened fiddles, splintered double bases, padless saxophones, leaky clarinets, and busted-up snares and created a sample library of hundreds of ‘wounded’ but magnificently unique instruments.


We've invited producers worldwide to creatively remix these samples and produce new original works in any style and by any means you wish. A panel of Broken Instrument experts (comprised of acclaimed musicians, producers and industry folks) will be selecting 3 winners to receive cash prizes, software from our friends at Ableton and hardware from innovative ‘new kid on the Block’ ROLI. The winners will be featured on the Symphony For A Broken Orchestra album, alongside Pulitzer-prize winning composer David Lang’s new Broken Orchestra symphonic work. The submission deadline was Feb 16th, 2018.

We also encourage you to consider adopting your own broken instrument

Symphony for a Broken Orchestra was commissioned by Temple Contemporary at The Tyler School of Art. Major support is provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, with additional support from the Barra Foundation.

Contest Guidelines


  • Tracks must be made entirely of the Broken Orchestra sample bank (except for vocals). Please NO non-broken instrument sounds, outside synths or other MIDI instruments!

  • Adding your voice & vocal sounds IS allowed. Rapping, talking, singing, etc is OK!

  • Tracks should be roughly 1-5 minutes in length.

  • Celebrate the broken-ness! We encourage you to utilize the sounds in their unique ‘wounded’ state and revel in the wrongness!

  • Any and ALL styles are accepted: reggaeton, noise, ambient, new classical, trap, acid house, minimalist techno, R&B and any genre you choose to invent.


To Apply


The Feb 16th, 2018 deadline has passed.

If you have any questions about rules or guidelines please email

We will notify all contestants about the contest results by April 30th 2018


Proceeds that come from the sale of this album will go towards supporting the Broken Orchestra Legacy fund in Philadelphia as well as future projects in other cities dedicated to repairing broken instruments and returning them to school districts for future generations of musicians.




1  $2000, Ableton Live 10, ROLI Songmaker Kit, Album Feature

2  $1000, Ableton Live 10, ROLI Beatmaker Block, Album Feature

3  $500, Ableton Live 10, Album Feature

4  Suite of 3 plugins from Heavyocity (NOVO, Punish, Vocalize 2)

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