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Ciné Institute | 
Scores from Haiti's only film school

In February 2012, Found Sound Nation directors Chris and Jeremy and acclaimed jazz pianist Aaron Goldberg traveled to Jacmel Haiti to work with students and graduates of the Ciné Institute, Haiti’s only film school, to develop their scoring and post-production audio capacity. We worked a group of Ciné alumni including writer/director Frero Pierre, on his first feature film, “Reincarnation”. We trained students on the basics of audio engineering using Ableton Live, mic techniques, collaborative composition practices, as well as on-the-fly mobile recording techniques.


Since our project there, FSN served as part of a group of consultants who advised the Ciné Institute directors in the development of a parallel Audio Institute, part of a growing multi-disciplinary Artists Institute​.

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Year: 2012

Location: Jacmel, Haiti

Length: 2 weeks

Partners: Ciné Institute

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