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Lincoln Center

FSN set up a mobile studio on the Lincoln Center campus to engage passersby, audiences and festival musicians in spontaneous, collaborative music production during the annual Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors festival. The tracks below feature an incredible lineup of musicians, including Wil-Dog, bassist and founding member of the LA-based group Ozomatli, taiko drummer and fue player Kaoru Watanabe, R&B singer Shawana Kemp, flutist Domenica Fossati, MC Ricardo Nigaglioni, and Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival Director Bill Bragin.

Dates: July, 2013

Location: New York City, NY

Studio Team: Christopher Marianetti, Ricardo Nigaglioni

Partners: Lincoln Center out of Doors

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About Street Studios | 

Street Studios take the basic elements of the music studio to a public place and make the process accessible to anyone in the surrounding area -- revealing a sort of sonic collective unconscious of a community. With a simple setup, musicians and producers begin a process of creating and recording music, while at the same time encouraging passersby to join in. Traffic, chatter, birds, stories, spontaneous songs are all incorporated into music composed on the spot. Often people will begin a musical idea only to have it finished by someone passing by an hour later. After the session, producers craft these recordings into cohesive pieces, attempting to capture the energy of the particular space. These finished songs and soundscapes are then shared with all who participated. 

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