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Democracy's Exquisite Corpse

For 2017's Moogfest, FSN brought a team of musicians and producers from Brazil, Russia, South Africa and the United States for a 45-minute workshop inside The Ouroborium, an immersive installation and unique multi-person instrument.

This installation and workshop series was a protest to the way in which many of us are increasingly creating and producing music - in isolation and in front of screens. A protest against the self-obsessed, computer-driven, and solipsistic trends of future music making. The Ouroborium experience asked participants to grapple with a very modern dilemma: when you let go of your perceived individuality how can you continue to function inside a group, an organization or even society?

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Year: 2017

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Length: 3 day installation

Partners: MoogfestRefunc, Articulated Works, Moog, Mister Rogers. Electro-Harmonix, Native Instruments, Genelec, Makey-Makey, Teenage Engineering

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