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Play Me I'm Yours


Play Me, I’m Yours, a public art project by Luke Jerram and presented by Sing For Hope, brought 60 pianos to the streets of New York City from June 21 to July 5 2010. Christopher Marianetti and Jeremy Thal of Found Sound Nation spent two days traveling around NYC documenting people and performers within 10 different communities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. In the resulting work we mix two days of audio, including street interviews, performances, improvisational jams and street sounds; limiting ourselves to using only material collected within 10 feet of each piano.

The following tracks feature: Alexandra Heifetz; Amy, Oliver, and Atticus Pihlar; Andrea Mannix; Antoine Velez; Dan Gore; Elijah Henderson; Frank and Colin Carter; Jeff Cavalli; Ke’Luc Holder, Kifo Temple, Malaika Henry; Lucas Johnson; Luna J Garcia; Maria Hayakawa; MinLing Zhao; Rafel Vicioso and Danielle Nogales; Richard, Marquis and Tysianna Fields; Shawn Anderson; and Ward Saxton. Special Thanks to: Ezra (Mix Master Max) Tenenbaum

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