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Ricardo Nigaglioni
Bronx Director & Facilitator

Luss a singer-songwriter and teaching artist raised in the Bronx. As a teaching artist Luss has facilitated workshops internationally and has partnered with local organizations such as Found Sound Nation, Carnegie Hall, and The Bronx Children’s Museum to design engaging programming centered around the intersection of music production and songwriting. Luss’ creative practice is informed by blending various genres such as R&B, Soul, and hip hop into a unique musical palette that has allowed him to collaborate with a wide array of artists. He is a two time awardee of “The Bronx Recognize Its Own” award for vocal performance. In 2022, Luss partnered with JBL and FSN to host a pop up recording studio event in soho NYC. His recent single “No Angels” has received praise from Earmilk, Fame Magazine, Clout and more. Luss continues to perform nationally and internationally with critically acclaimed musicians.

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