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Simone Jehangir

Simone Jehangir is a primarily a jazz vocalist that dabbles in playing the Piano, Ukulele and Guitar with the aspiration to enter into the field of Music Therapy. She was born in Mumbai, India and raised into a family of jazz-enthusiasts and amateur musicians in one of India’s first and only jazz big-band called ‘Jazzy Joe and the Jazz Junkeys’ which attracted many listeners in various Indian music scenes and circles in the late 90s. Being exposed to this at such a young age, she eventually joined the band, subsequently started singing professionally in India and is still present in the growing jazz scene in India. After studying an extensive array of Music and Psychology courses in college as her concentrations, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville and is currently based in Manhattan. Simone is attracted to the idea of a therapist essentially using sound, music and/or themselves as a vessel to heal others and the world around them. She looks forward to furthering these ventures in studying various therapeutic applications of music and the world of sound healing at a graduate level, in the near future. 

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