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Underground Everywhere | South Africa
The USA x SA Connection

From August 21st - September 10th 2022, Found Sound Nation in collaboration with Greensboro artist Justin Harrington and filmmaker Alexei Mejouev embarked on a series of road trips throughout South Africa, meeting and collaborating with a host of musicians and culture bearers in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, and Gauteng. 


Underground Everywhere: South Africa aimed to explore the connections and amplify a dialogue between African American and black South Africans, highlighting both the singular and shared experiences of movements for equity in both countries, and also showcasing the transformative power of musical collaboration through the actual process of co-creating music.  Over the course of 3-weeks, award winning musicians Justin Harrington, aka Demeanor and Kyla-Rose Smith traveled across South Africa partnered with local musicians to create original collaborative music, accompanied by in-depth discussions on the shared musical and historical legacies of the fight for a liberated future in both cultures. In each province Underground Everywhere: South Africa organized workshops, mobile street studios, film screenings of the classic 1959 film Come Back Africa, and other public pop-up events in the community, activating a series of happenings to engage local audiences. 

Found Sound Nation collaborated with a host of incredible South African musicians, including Madosini, Madala Kunene, Sisonke Papu aka KHNYSA, The Ngqoko Women's Ensemble, Nonku Phiri, Muneyi, Sir Mcklekeer, Tshepang Ramoba, Mohammad Dawjee, Thandi Ntuli, Thesis Za and more.


Location: South Africa

Length: 3 week intensive

Partners: US Embassy in South Africa

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