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Hip hop music concréte

From 2008 - 2011 Found Sound Nation ran a series of workshops and classes at Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School, known as "Bang on the Can" and the Young Producers Project. Our experiences at BCAM allowed us to develop the foundation of our collaborative approach to music making, and helped get our fledgling organization off the ground. The videos Yin & Yang’ and Right About Now (seen below) feature young musicians in this program including a 15-year-old Ernest Lewis, who now works with FSN as a teaching artist.

Our collaboration with BCAM continued in 2016, as we partnered with National Sawdust and the band People's Champs to run a music composition, production, and performance workshop featuring talented BCAM students. This video (produced by Hover and featured on BRIC TV) tells the story of this remarkable collaboration.

Over the years we have also had the pleasure of collaborating with BCAM teachers Adam Mendola (video), Mamadou Diallo (math), Christy Herbes (art), Kevin Greer (English), and many others over the years. We owe our successes at BCAM to our amazing students and the support from Principal James O’Brian, Assistant Principal Samantha Charles-Pierre, and BCAM's Music Director Brian Satz.

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Year: 2008-2011

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Length: 3 week intensive

Partners: Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School

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