Music as a form of

cultural diplomacy


FSN programs are ongoing programs that explore music's special power to tie together disparate communities, retrace our common histories, affirm our common humanity, and reimagine a world based on the principles of collaboration, empathy, and creativity.

See how OneBeat is bringing together musical change-makers from the around the world.

Cultural Exchanges |
Christopher Marianetti



Bringing together emerging musical leaders from around the world


Christopher Marianetti


A collective of musicians from Pakistan, India, and the U.S.

Christopher Marianetti


OneBeat Abroad

Creative urban activism abroad led by OneBeat Fellows & Alumni

Christopher Marianetti


FSN China

Yunnan-based residency for electronic producers from the US and China

Mosaic banner.jpg



A suite of interdisciplinary works exploring our collective dreams, rituals and memories

Concert Series |

FSN Presents

NY-based concert series featuring a diverse array of traditional and contemporary artists

Christopher Marianetti

|  80 Hanson Place, Suite 301  |  Brooklyn, NY 11217

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