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Workshops connecting divided youth in Kosovo

In July 2017, OneBeat alumnus and Gypsy Groove frontman Bajram "Kafu" Kinoli and OneBeat co-director Jeremy Thal teamed up for a week of youth music production workshops around Kosovo, bringing together young musicians from ethnically Albanian, Serbian, and Roma communities.

The workshops took place at the Mitrovica Rock School, the Music Conservatory of Peja, a Roma youth center in Gračanica, and the Pristina Hackerspace. The Kosovo conflict has left Mitrovica divided. Albanians live south of the river Ibar, Serbs in the north.


The Mitrovica Rock School connects Serb and Albanian teenagers through music. It brings back a music tradition that makes both sides proud. And it invests in the city's young people. As the Mitrovica Rock School was recently robbed of much of its recording gear, we ask that if you enjoy this music, please make a donation to their incredible organization, which has been bringing together youth in this ethnically fractured city since 2008.

This project was funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, with administrative support from Into the Park Festival and Gaia Kosovo.

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Year: 2017

Location: Peja, Gračanica & Pristina, Kosovo

Length: 1 week

Partners: U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, Mitrovica Rock SchoolInto the Park Festival, Gaia Kosovo, Pristina Hackerspace

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